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Dosage of Proviron

Proviron bodybuilding should be taken orally as it is only in tablet form. It should only be taken during the cycle as a stack if you are taking it for bodybuilding (performance and physique enhancement purposes).

If you are prescribedProviron for any medical condition, use it exactly as your doctor advised. Do not use more or less.

However, bodybuilders useMesterolone anywhere in the range of 25 to 75 mg per day. This is the recommended dose for anyone. There are reports suggesting that people use 100 mg per day, but it is not very recommended. Most people find that their sweet spot is 50 mg per day.

Because of the half-life, the product must be used on a daily basis (some people split the daily dose into 2 halves) taken over a 12-hour period.

Due to the high androgenicity and low anabolic activity, it is recommended that females stay away from this compound.

You can start slowly withProviron at 25 mg per day and then increase to 50 mg per day if necessary. one goodsteroid stack ofProviron cycles is together withDianabol (but can be stacked with almost any anabolic steroid safely). 8 weeks of 40 mg per day ofDianabol, 50 mg per day ofProviron, 20 mg per day dicardarine and 5 capsules per day or add 2 more supplements of your choice.

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