Proviron HILMA Biocare




Pharmacological action

The drug has androgenic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Taking this drug compensates for the lack of androgen production – male sex hormones, stimulating their development and erythropoiesis, improving libido, potency, showing anabolic qualities. Thus, the treatment of conditions caused by deficiency or lack of autogenous androgen production is carried out. Strict compliance with the prescribed dosages does not adversely affect spermatogenesis. It is noted that also this remedy is well tolerated by the liver. Indications for use Proviron is prescribed for men with: psycho-vegetative disorders and decreased performance in middle-aged and elderly patients, potency disorders, reduced function of the sex glands – hypogonadism, infertility caused by oligospermia and lack of Leydig cells, aplastic anemia and so on. Contraindications to use The drug is not prescribed for hypersensitivity, prostate cancer, liver tumours.

Additional information

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1 tablet, mg



Hilma Biocare

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