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Effectiveness of using Provibol Alpha Pharma

The substance can be used during the course of steroids, as well as in the framework of post-course therapy. The following can be attributed to the pros of using this drug:

A weak aromatase inhibitor. To a small extent, the active components of the composition prevent steroids from turning into estrogens after entering the male body.
Increase in the amount of free testosterone. At the same time, the drug has virtually no effect on the synthesis of the main male sex hormone.
At the same time, it is worth noting that in practice this medication does not affect the likelihood of gynaecomastia. To combat this unpleasant consequence of steroid use, other medications are used.

In medicine, Proviron is often used to treat impotence in men, as well as for the therapy of hypofunction of male glands. In some cases, its reception is prescribed to patients suffering from infertility. It is scientifically proven that the substances affect the activity of spermatozoa and enhance erection.

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