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How long does Proviron work?

It is believed that the half-life of this drug is about 6 hours, with the time of active action reaching 12 hours. However, you should be aware that the detection time of the drug is up to 6 weeks, so using Proviron during this period will result in a positive doping test.

The drug starts working as soon as it enters the body, but if you are interested in results, they largely depend on a number of factors: dosage, expectations (what you are using Proviron for), etc. If the drug is needed for bodybuilding, a few weeks is enough to see results. If it is needed to treat TTG, it depends on what the level of the hormone was before starting the drug.

How does proviron work?

Proviron, as mentioned, can be used as testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) – for those who suffer from low testosterone levels. It can also be used for low libido (erectile dysfunction), so people are prescribed this drug for this reason as well. But there are studies showing that it can be useful for treating depression, anxiety and increasing lack of sexual desire. It can also help people suffering from bipolar and unipolar disorders, as well as dysthymia.

However, the drug has also begun to be used by bodybuilders for physical enhancement purposes. For example, bodybuilders can use it as an estrogen unant and in the past it was used for post-cyclical therapy. However, it is now no longer used for this purpose (at least not widely), as it is believed to still somewhat suppress LH, and safer alternatives exist for SCT.

Instead, Proviron can currently be used as an estrogen with great success. In addition, Proviron users can expect a firmer appearance, less swelling and more vascularity, but this drug should not be used on its own, but in a steroid stack (most often with steroids).

On its own the drug is virtually useless, but when used in combination with a moisturising steroid it can give a drier appearance, greater strength, greater vascularisation and other physical benefits.

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