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Taking Proviron Genetic Pharmaceuticals in bodybuilding

Sports purposes: to increase the effectiveness of the steroid course, to improve the quality of muscles.

Dosage: 25 mg (maximum – 50 mg) of Proviron 2 times a day after meals. When taking Proviron by women, it is not recommended (to exclude the effect of masculinisation) to exceed the dosage of 25 mg per day and use courses of more than 4 weeks.

Proviron: side effects

Similar to dihydrotestosterone: prostate hypertrophy, baldness;
Increased risk of tumour formation;
Intra-abdominal bleeding (in the presence of tumours).
Important! Taking any pharmacological drugs for sports purposes and without the control of a qualified doctor can lead to serious irreversible pathologies of organs and systems. Before taking any drug, including Proviron, be sure to take tests and consult your doctor.

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