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Description of proviron

Proviron is a hormone of synthetic origin, used not only in medicine but also in sport. Bodybuilders use the drug for PCT, a recovery pathway after steroid use, which allows a faster anabolic effect. In medicine, Proviron tablets are mainly used by men who want to increase testosterone levels and their sex drive.

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Effects of use

The active ingredient of the pharmacological agent is Masterolone. Its main function is to inhibit the conversion of steroids into oestrogens. Consequently, Proviron acts as a weak aromatase inhibitor. For some athletes, such as bodybuilders, the hormonal background is important, and maintaining it at a certain level allows better results.

The use of Proviron can have the following effects:

  • increased libido;
  • inhibition of aromatase;
  • increasing the intensity of free testosterone production;
  • improvement of erections;
  • acceleration of the natural processes of spermatogenesis;
  • restoration of muscle tissue density and structure.

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