Proviox PHARMAX course of treatment

By undergoing post-course therapy with this medication, athletes can restore their health and normalise the natural processes that take place in our body. The athlete will always be ready for new achievements, using the medication even in the amount of 25 mg twice a day. It can also be combined with other drugs that normalise the work of the body, for example, fludestrin or nolvadex.

The drug has a convenient tablet form, so the dose can always be carried with you and consumed at the appropriate time. The drug demonstrates a weak inhibitory effect on aromatase. With its help, it manages to prevent estrogenic effects. Long-term practice of taking it has shown that Proviox PHARMAX has a high performance and is combined with various courses of medication. For this reason, it is actively used to combat aromatisation. Having passed the course of this medication, a man can return to normal testosterone production.

Exposure to hormone globulin causes testosterone and other sex hormones to bind, and Proviox PHARMAX helps to eliminate this effect. Proviox PHARMAXis used by athletes for many years, so its effectiveness during SCT has been well studied. Many professional bodybuilders note that the drug leads to a significant increase in muscle relief, and also helps to activate libido. The latter effect is especially important if the bodybuilder has undergone a course of powerful steroids that depress the work of potency.

With the help of this medication, the low production of androgens will be compensated. Proviox PHARMAXprovides help to normalise spermatogenesis, which can be disturbed under the influence of anabolics. After taking a powerful course of steroids, you should consult a doctor, as the dosage of Proviox PHARMAX in this case will be higher than when taking medications of moderate action.

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